AfterLogic XMail Server 2.0

Tuesday, 03 June 2008
AfterLogic XMail Server now comes with easy-to-use web administration modules ? AXMA.NET/AXMA.PHP. AXMA.NET is a web application written for .NET 2.0 Windows platform. It can, however, administer Linux installations of AfterLogic XMail Server as well because it can work with AfterLogic XMail Server remotely.

AXMA.PHP is a web application written for PHP 5.0+ Linux and Unix platform. It can administer Linux/Unix/Windows installations of AfterLogic XMail Server.

Windows installer has been rewritten from ground up which makes it easy to install the server on Windows computers.

Other changes include performance improvements when working with users and domains, new features to manage logging of the mail server's activities into files, and DNS subsystem fixes.

AfterLogic XMail Server is an open source product which can be freely downloaded at

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