AfterLogic XMail Server 2.5

Tuesday, 24 June 2008
AfterLogic XMail Server now includes modern-looking AJAX webmail front end.

With this release, you'll find that AfterLogic XMail Server setup program has option to automatically install WebMail Lite application. This can save your time and efforts on separate download and installation of the webmail front end.

Also, this version of WebMail Lite has been improved to natively support AfterLogic XMail Server. This includes mail account management and direct access to the mail database bypassing POP3 protocol.

Linux edition of AfterLogic XMail Server comes with PHP version of WebMail Lite. Windows edition includes ASP.NET version. Both versions provide the same functionality of light-weight and easy-to-use webmail client with basic functionality.

Users which demand more features, such as folders, calendar, rich-text editor, spell-check can upgrade webmail front end to WebMail Pro version. You can read more on WebMail Pro at

AfterLogic XMail Server is an open source product which can be freely downloaded at

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