AfterLogic XMail Server Pro v3.1: antivirus, auto-responder and WebMail Pro 4.4

Tuesday, 30 December 2008
New release of XMail Server Pro adds antivirus integration and auto-responder (vacation message). Web interface has been upgraded to WebMail Pro v4.4.

Antivirus integration, if enabled, makes the installed antivirus move infected e-mails into Quarantine folder of the user's mail account. You can access this folder using WebMail Pro interface or any e-mail client with IMAP support.

If you're out of office or wish to notify senders that their messages reached your mailbox, you can now enable auto-responder which will automatically send replies to all incoming messages. Each user can configure this feature through WebMail Pro interface.

Speaking of WebMail Pro, the performance and the promptness of the user interface has been radically improved. It's now working nearly as fast as a desktop e-mail client.

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