Aurora Corporate v8 Released

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Today, we're happy to announce Aurora Corporate v8 groupware suite is available for download as well as Live Demo evaluation.

Aurora Corporate offers premium webmail, shared calendars, global and shared contacts, and corporate files storage as an integrated package ready for deployment on your server. Full PHP source code is provided.

Key features:

  • Webmail, compatible with virtually any existing IMAP server. Multiple accounts per user supported.
  • Personal, shared and global (company-wide) contacts. Supports CardDAV clients, including iOS and macOS.
  • Personal and shared calendars, tasks (new in v8). Supports CalDAV clients, including iOS and macOS.
  • Personal and corporate files storage, with strong AES-256 encryption right in the browser (new in v8). See Paranoid Encryption to learn more.
  • Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox integration (authentication and file storage).
  • Outlook Sync plugin to sync contacts and calendars with MS Outlook 2010/2013/2016.
  • ActiveSync option to give select users the ability to sync their email, contacts and calendars using native iOS/Android clients and Outlook 2013/2016 (new in v8).
  • Modular extensible platform with flexible EAV-based database structure makes it possible to add new functionality and data structures without breaking the existing code (new in v8).

Upgrade procedure is provided for both previous version of Aurora Corporate (v7 to v8) and WebMail Pro (WebMail Pro to Aurora Corporate).

This version needs a license key upgrade, the keys now start with AU80 string. Please contact us at to request your new key or learn your upgrade options.

In case if your maintenance contract has already expired, you'll need to renew it first. This can be done at (or just drop us a message).

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