Aurora Files with Paranoid Encryption Released

Thursday, 01 March 2018

We're excited to announce that we've just released Aurora Files - a private file storage cloud application for you or your company. PHP-based. Open source. Free.

Aurora Files is built on our all-new Aurora modular platform. It can be extended with plugins and extra modules while many modules included in the product can be easily disabled or removed if needed. So, what's in the box?

  • A multi-user system with the admin panel which lets you create or invite users. Users can log in via social networks like Facebook or Google as well.
  • Personal (individual per user) and common (corporate) file storages.
  • Users can also add their external storages (Google.Drive and Dropbox).
  • Responsive web interface, available in a number of languages.
  • iOS, Android and Windows native apps.
  • Users can access their file storage via DAV protocol from any compatible desktop and mobile clients.
  • Personal and corporate Contacts, with CardDAV sync.
  • Users can upload files (within the specified quota), download, move, organize in folders or provide links to files and folders to share them with others.
  • ... and they can be paranoid when it comes to privacy of their precious data. Aurora Files supports so-called Paranoid Encryption for files' content. Basically, it's a strong AES-256 encryption which occurs right in the browser. When Paranoid Encryption is on, file content is transmitted to the server in encrypted form only. Encryption keys are never transmitted to the server at all. Thus, even if the entire data from the server was stolen, your encrypted data is still safe: any data on the server cannot help decrypt encrypted files without the keys.

And for those who needs commercial-grade support and relief from AGPv3 limitations, we offer commercial subscription:

Now, here are the links.

Live demo:
File bug reports and suggestions here:

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