Two reasons to buy MailBee.NET and MailBee now

Monday, 24 August 2009
This is to inform you that the current week is the last one when MailBee.NET and MailBee products are sold at the current prices.

From 1 Sep 2009, AfterLogic will change licensing structure and raise prices on MailBee.NET and MailBee products. Yet another reason to make your purchase until that date, in addition to the current 25% discount.

The new licensing structure for these products is simpler and contains Developer licenses only (Single Developer, 4 Developers Team, Developer Site). All of these licenses support royalty-free distribution.

The updated list of MailBee.NET and MailBee product prices which will take effect from 1 Sep 2009:

1 Developer4 Developers TeamUnlimited Developer Site
MailBee.NET Objects$399$799$1999
MailBee.NET Component *$199$399$999
MailBee Objects$199$399$799
MailBee ActiveX Component **$99$199$399
MailBee Message Queue$99$199$399

* Component is any of these: MailBee.NET SMTP, MailBee.NET POP3, MailBee.NET IMAP, MailBee.NET Security, MailBee.NET AntiSpam, MailBee.NET Outlook.
** Component is any of these: MailBee SMTP, MailBee POP3, MailBee IMAP, MailBee SSL/SMIME.

All the existing licenses bought before 1 Sep 2009 remain valid. No action is required on your part to have the license prolonged.

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