MailBee.NET Objects v11.2 adds .NET Core 2.0 edition

Monday, 23 October 2017

The just released MailBee.NET Objects v11.2 update brings many of the features which were previously available only in classic .NET Framework 4.5 edition, to .NET Core 2.0. This includes:

  • BounceMail component (parser of bounced e-mails).
  • Verification of e-mail addresses in bulk mode.
  • Mail merge over database.

Other notable changes:

  • UWP edition can now be used in Release builds.
  • Multiple SMTP enhancements: empty MAIL FROM support, SIZE argument of MAIL FROM command, short path of SMTP authentication (required by Microsoft SMTP servers), no extra CRLF in the end of DATA transmission in SMTP.
  • Protected constructors for exception classes (required to make exception serialization to work properly).
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements (mostly, to Outlook .MSG parser and builder).

This version does not introduce new license keys, you can keep using your existing MN110 key.

To download the new version, visit

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