MailBee.NET Objects v12.3 and MailBee Objects v9.4 with TLS 1.3 support

Monday, 18 October 2021

We've just released the new versions of our email component libraries for .NET and COM/ActiveX, now with TLS 1.3 support.

With TLS 1.3, you can make sure that SSL connections with SMTP/IMAP/POP3 servers are established in the most secure way possible.

Note that TLS 1.3 support is still uncommon among the popular mail services so you'll need to check it with your particular email provider. Also, it can be missing or disabled in your OS or .NET platform.

We've been able to have it working against GMail SMTP service on up-to-date Windows 10. For .NET, it works with .NET Framework 4.5+, .NET Core 3.0+, .NET 5.0+.

In MailBee.NET Objects, you force TLS 1.3 using SecurityProtocol.Tls13 option. In the COM/ActiveX version, you set SSL.Protocol = 7.

MailBee.NET Objects v12.3 (.NET edition)
MailBee Objects v9.4 (COM/ActiveX edition)

MailBee.NET Objects can also be updated via Nuget.

This update is compatible with the existing v12 (v9 for COM/ActiveX) keys. Still, you need to have a valid maintenance contract in order to upgrade. In case if your maintenance contract has already expired, you'll need to renew it first. This can be done at (or just drop us a message if your key is not recognized).

Having questions? We're all ears at

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