MailBee.NET Objects v5.0 Release

Monday, 26 January 2009
The winter is hot here at AfterLogic. Previous month, we've been working hard to update all MailBee products including MailBee Objects and MailBee Message Queue.

Now, we've released the new version of our head-liner offering MailBee.NET Objects v5.0 which adds tons of new features and improvements. They include:

.NET Compact Framework support (for Windows Mobile devices)
BounceMail component for handling and parsing bounced messages and delivery reports
- DomainKeys class which can be used to sign e-mails with DomainKeys signatures and verify such signatures of existing e-mails
- Improved SSL support on .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 Framework (better performance, Full Trust no longer required)
- New methods for extracting DNS records
- Improved support of Visual Studio 2008

Last but not least, the upgrade is free for all users of previous versions of MailBee.NET Objects suit or its individual components (like MailBee.NET POP3). Your existing license key will work with the new version as before.

More info:

Download the latest version:

Having trouble with running .msi file? Use .exe:

Samples and tutorials directory:

The documentation is installed with the product as a .CHM file. You can also browse it online, download it separately or install the MSDN-like version which tightly integrates with your Visual Studio.

Online documentation:

Download documentation:
.CHM file (zipped)
Visual Studio 2003
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2008

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