MailBee.NET Objects v6.6 enhances Outlook .PST and .NET Compact support

Wednesday, 15 December 2010
The new version of MailBee.NET Objects provides some major improvements to Outlook .PST reader, better support of .NET Compact Framework, besides dozens of miscellaneous improvements and fixes across the entire library.

Outlook .PST reader can now extract any particular item based on its .PST ID numeric value. This way you can have direct access to any single item in the file. Other improvments include the rewritten parsing engine, new handy properties to get filesystem-safe names of .PST folders and unique IDs of any items. Last but not least is the support of 32-bit .PST files produced by older versions of Outlook.

Many types and collections in SmtpMail namespace were made Serializable (SmtpServer, SmtpServerCollection, DnsServer, DnsServerCollection) so you can easily store SMTP settings in an .XML file. This is widely used in the brand new MailBee.NET Queue application which is capable of background sending large volumes of e-mails. The project is currently "beta" and shipped as a C# source code. The code is pretty simple to learn how to use MailBee.NET Objects for advanced use like multi-threaded mass-mailing with redundant SMTP relay servers and DNS MX lookup based delivery. You can get MailBee.NET Queue from

Other enhancements include a number of workarounds for some threading-related .NET Compact Framework limitations, improved simultaneous access to the BayesFilter database from multiple processes and minor documentation and bug fixes.

You can download the new version at:

The new version uses the same v6.0/6.5 license keys.

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