MailBee Objects 5.3 - New Version Available!

Thursday, 27 January 2005
MailBee Objects is a set of robust and easy-to-use e-mail components which will enable your desktop and web applications to download, compose, send and manage mails at SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 servers.

MailBee Objects can be used with .Net, ASP, VB, C++, Access, Delphi, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, and any other environment which supports ActiveX technology. Detailed documentation and sample projects for different programming environments allow you to start actual development in minutes!

What's new in this release:

- MailBee Objects + SSL plugin now fully support GMail over Secure-POP3 and Secure-SMTP
- Ability to read license key from the registry
- Uploader component introduced (useful for uploading files in ASP)
- SMTP.ExecuteCommand method allows sending user-defined commands to SMTP server
- AuthMethod=16 option for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 objects to allow connection without authentication to get list of supported authentication methods
- FilenameInMessage="" value of Message.AddAttachment and SMTP.AddAttachment method allows to forward as attachment existing RFC822 e-mail message
- Message.RemoveHeader method to remove headers from the message
- IMAP4.UIDValidity property to obtain UIDValidity value of a mailbox
- IMAP4.RetrieveMailboxesEx method to provide better control over mailboxes list retrieval process
- MailBee log now prints how many messages/mailboxes have been retrieved
- Fixed setting of incorrect error code on timeout, crash with multiple Content-Type headers in the same part of the message, crash with some UUEncoded attachments

MailBee Objects 5.3 is a free upgrade for all registered users of the previous versions.

For more information regarding MailBee Objects please visit:

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