MailBee Objects 5.5 Available

Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Just released MailBee Objects v5.5 offers a pack of new features to developers of classic ASP, Windows, and other applications using ActiveX technology.

MailBee Objects v5.5 now supports queuing into IIS SMTP pickup folder, UTF-7M IMAP4 mailbox names, decoding MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments, better charset processing, user-defined text body types (such as calendar entries), and more.

With the new version, you can reliably receive multiple messages from the IMAP4 server even if the server returns some entries in invalid format.

MailBee can now work with non-MIME messages with attachments (AOL is still known to produce such 'old-school' emails).

The new version also contains lots of fixes and improvements to all the parts of the component library, its documentation, and samples.

We recommend MailBee Objects v5.5 for all applications which cannot use .NET framework. For .NET applications, MailBee.NET Objects v3.0 is the best choice.

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