MailBee Objects v5.2 released

Friday, 01 October 2004
AfterLogic, an iForum company, has released Version 5.2 of MailBee Objects that make programmers' job of "email enabling" their applications much easier than was previously possible.

Available for evaluation as a free 30-day fully functional download, MailBee Objects is a complete set of distributable components designed to simplify and reduce developers' efforts when their applications must send email messages to SMTP servers, and receive, parse and delete messages from POP3 servers. MailBee components can be used in .Net, ASP, VB, C++, VBScript, JavaScript, Delphi, ColdFusion, or any other environment, which supports ActiveX technology. The free download includes numerous source code examples, that along with "try before you buy" concept and free technical support aim to please the development community.

The product license permits royalty-free distribution. $149.00 buys the entire MailBee Objects collection, combining MailBee.SMTP, MailBee.POP3, MailBee.IMAP4 and MailBee.Message object into a single bundle under one common license. While reasonably priced, MailBee delivers a solid combination of stability, speed and flexibility one would expect from a mature, fully developed set of professional tools.

Over the years, by listening to and carefully analyzing customer requests, the MailBee development team has added an array of useful features to the MailBee bundle of products, so most probably MailBee Objects will allow you to incorporate the required email functionality into your application. However, should it turn out that MailBee Objects don't include some needed feature, no matter how esoteric, the AfterLogic's technical staff would not only appreciate your suggestion but will also make every effort to add the new feature on a priority basis, just like they've done for a number of existing customers. Technical support is provided promptly via email free of charge before and after the sale.

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