MailBee Objects v5.8: better IMAP, SSL and Delphi support

Thursday, 03 December 2009
The latest update of ActiveX version of MailBee components introduces quite a few improvements across the library itself and the supporting code samples.

To start with, the new version is much faster on downloading or uploading large e-mails over IMAP.

Enhanced international support allows you to encode attachment filenames when composing e-mails and correctly process the charset information in HTML bodies of incoming or outgoing e-mails. This is especially useful when dealing with UTF-8 charset.

There are several new and updated sample projects for Delphi (covering SMTP, POP3, IMAP and SSL) which highlight using of many features of MailBee Objects. Delphi users should certainly take a look at the new samples!

Visual Basic 6 samples have also been updated with SSL/Gmail support.

The full list of the changes can be found at:

The upgrade is free. If you update your installation, you can continue using MailBee Objects bundle (or those components you have licensed) with your existing license key.

Download the new version of MailBee Objects ActiveX: - installation package - 32-bit .DLL only - 64-bit .DLL only

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