MailBee Objects v7.0 goes IPv6

Thursday, 17 November 2011
The latest version of MailBee Objects (ActiveX edition) now supports both IPv4 and IPv6, ESMTP Delivery Status Notifications, non-standard IMAP flags, and much more. To switch between IPv6 or IPv4, you don't need to set any properties. Just use any IPv6 address (like "::1") the same way you do with IPv4 addresses. MailBee will automatically pick the appropriate connection function based on the address format. SMTP component now autodetects if STARTTLS is supported and switches the connection on port 587 to SSL mode only if STARTTLS is here. Also, SMTP component checks if DSN extension is available on the server, and lets you specify Delivery Status Notification settings if it is. With IMAP component you can now use non-standard IMAP message flags, like \Starred, $Spam or any other flags used by your server. MIME parser has been improved in many ways, including the ability to load e-mails from memory and dealing with e-mails consisting of multiple plain-text or HTML parts (like those created by Apple Mail). Also, we added a number of methods and events to POP3 and IMAP components which let you more precisely control the data receiving progress, such as track all the data being received and parse e-mails in real-time, not waiting for the entire block of e-mails to be received. For instance, this is important when you download a bunch of e-mails via a single IMAP operation and want to display the first email in the bunch not waiting until the last data block in the bunch is received. To learn more, visit MailBee Objects homepage: Note that you'll need a new license key to use MailBee Objects v7.0. Use our HelpDesk to get your updated license key: Wish to upgrade to the latest version but your maintenance contract is already expired? You can renew it at: Have questions? Post your inquiries at:

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