MailBee Objects V8 with full Unicode support

Monday, 02 July 2012
The new version of MailBee Objects ActiveX library has been rewritten in many areas, including the full Unicode support. Writing applications which support different languages and character sets has never been easier. Other improvements include much better S/MIME support, message ranges in POP3, tracking all the data traffic during SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3 sessions, accurate modification of existing messages (for re-sending or forwarding), improved and new code samples (especially for Visual C++). Note that you may need to slightly adjust the code of your existing applications as some methods got more parameters (this is usually a concern if your development language does not support optional parameters). Delphi is an example. Pay special attention to POP3.RetrieveHeaders method as its parameters signature has changed significantly. The new version has new license keys. You can request your updated license key at (assumes you have a valid maintenance contract). To download the new version, click Note that if you earlier downloaded MailBee Objects V8 beta, you can keep using it. No issues has been reported for that version and now it's officially called the production version. To learn more, visit MailBee Objects homepage: Wish to upgrade to the latest version but your maintenance contract is already expired? You can renew it at: Have questions? Post your inquiries at:

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