MailBee Objects v8.1 is out

Tuesday, 23 October 2012
In this release of MailBee Objects ActiveX edition we added the support of Content-Location header, the ability to send e-mails to multiple recipients even in case if some recipients get rejected by the SMTP server, and e-mail address validation improvements. Some e-mails with embedded pictures use Content-Location header instead of Content-ID to refer these pictures in the HMTL message body. Now MailBee Objects library supports this. With the new AllowRefusedRecipients property and GetAcceptedRecipients/GetRefusedRecipients methods SMTP object is now enabled to send multi-recipient e-mails which may have some recipients invalid. Message.ValidateEmailAddress method now correctly validates the e-mail addresses like sarah.o' (with apostrophe) and some others. A few miscellaneous improvements and fixes to the MIME parser have been added as well. To upgrade, uninstall the current version and get the new version at: This version will work with your existing MailBee Objects v8 key. Need help? Please post your inquiry at:

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