MailBee Objects v9 with major IMAP enhancements

Monday, 02 February 2015

This week, we updated MailBee Objects - the ActiveX version of our e-mail components suite.
MailBee Objects v9 adds support of a number of modern IMAP extensions, STATUS command, message sets. Besides IMAP, the new version delivers improved message parsing and attachment processing, Authenticode digital signatures, revised samples.

IMAP component now supports MOVE (moving messages between folders), SPECIAL-USE and CHILDREN (special folder flags), SORT (sorting search results). IMAP QUOTA extension can now deliver both allocated and actually used account space. Please note that these extensions can only be used if supported by your IMAP server.

Also, IMAP component now lets you use STATUS command to get the statistics for any folder, records UNSEEN and UIDNEXT updates sent by the server, provides more control on whether downloading messages must set Seen flag or not.

Message sets is another key feature of IMAP component. You can now request arbitrary sets of messages or envelopes to be processed by any request. This makes it faster to process messages filtered by certain criteria (e.g. you first make search query to get all unread messages, convert the resulting array into a message set and finally get envelopes for all unread messages as a single batch, no need to download each envelope via a separate command). When dealing with lots of messages, this may speed things up by an order of magnitude.

MIME and IMAP parser introduces AddressDelimiter property (Message.AddressDelimiter and Envelope.AddressDelimiter). This property makes it easier to split e-mail address strings into arrays of individual addresses or friendly names.

Attachment.Filename is now never empty. MailBee will autogenerate the name when it's missing in the message. New Attachment.FilenameAsIs property lets you find out the original filename (probably empty).

SMTP component now uses local host of the sending machine as EHLO argument. This may help with the SMTP servers which strictly check this value (anyway, you can still assign it manually).

Common changes over the entire package include:

  • Signing of all DLLs and the installer with Authenticode digital signature.
  • Samples now reside in My Documents (eliminates UAC issues with opening sample projects).
  • Some VB6 samples revised and enhanced to support new functionality, like message sets.
  • Misc. bugfixes to improve stability (mainly to SSL and Uploader functionality).
  • Windows 8.1 Start Menu shortcuts added.

The new version requires the license key update (MBC800 keys changed to MBC900). Please contact us to upgrade your license key or renew maintenance contract if it's expired.

To download the new version, navigate to Be sure to uninstall the older version before installing the new one.

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