MailBee WebMail Pro 3.1 - New Version Available!

Wednesday, 05 January 2005
MailBee WebMail Pro is reliable, fast, easy-to-setup web-based e-mail client which provides high quality of rendering HTML-formatted e-mails and customizable skinnable interface.

Should you need web-based e-mail for your web site or integrate it with your existing web applications, you must see MailBee WebMail Pro 3.1.

Key benefits of new version are:
- Sorting e-mails by various fields
- "Delete mail from server after x days" setting
- "Delete mail from server when it is removed from Trash" setting
- Setting to automatically get mail from server on each login into MailBee WebMail Pro
- "Empty trash" command
- German version built-in (in addition to English and Swedish)
- Major performance improvements to Get Mail operation
- Mailbox size limit enhancements
- Administrator's feature to compact database when in MS Access mode
- MySql server mode improvements
- Script to easily upgrade from MailBee Webmail Pro 3.0 retaining existing database
- Deleting user's attachments and mails when user account is deleted from MailBee WebMail Pro database

MailBee WebMail Pro 3.1 is a free upgrade for all registered users of the previous versions.

For more information regarding MailBee WebMail Pro please visit:

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