MailBee.NET Objects 6.10 adds OpenID + OAuth hybrid, iCal, and new docs

Thursday, 30 June 2011
We've just released a new version of MailBee.NET Objects packed with a number of cool features such as the full iCal support and OpenID + OAuth hybrid authorization, amongst lots of other improvements and fixes.

OpenID + OAuth hybrid authorization makes it possible to work with e-mail of a user without requiring them to enter their e-mail address and password. The user just clicks a button to grant your application the access to their e-mails (but your application still does not know the e-mail account password). Simple and secure.

iCal support lets you create or respond to events, meeting requests, invite attendees, set reminders, and so on.

IMAP module now supports AllMail and Starred flags (invented by Gmail), makes complex search easier with new helper methods in ImapUtils class, and also provides helper methods to work with collections of UIDs and ordinal message numbers.

Other fixes apply to the authentication mechanism, MIME and S/MIME functionality, SSL certificates, Outlook .MSG converter and .PST reader.

The Developer's Guide now includes IMAP/POP3, Outlook, iCal/vCard topics. And check out our new ASP.NET samples! We've put a lot of effort into them...

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For the full list of changes, see Version History.

To upgrade, uninstall the current version and download the new version from

You can use your existing MailBee.NET v6.x license keys with the new version.

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