MailBee.NET Objects v6.5 adds GSSAPI, XLIST and Exchange 2010 support

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Just after the release of ActiveX edition which supports GSSAPI, XLIST and Exchange 2010, we now present the same improvements in the .NET edition of MailBee components. Besides that, there are some important changes specific to the .NET version only.

The new version provides the following major benefits:
  • Managed version of GSSAPI and NTLM authentication methods (UnmanagedCode permission no longer required)
  • GSSAPI/NTLM and plain NTLM revised to work with MS Exchange 2007 and above
  • GSSAPI/Kerberos method implemented (GSSAPI is the only supported method in MS Exchange 2010)
  • GSSAPI now supports explicitly specified credentials (not only Integrated Windows Authentication)
  • Simplified authentication procedure (retry with a non-secure method if the secure method fails)
  • XLIST IMAP extension to support special folder flags like Sent, Drafts or Trash (supported by Google, Apple and many others)
  • Improved IMAP support on MS Exchange and Zimbra servers
  • MS Help 3.0 documentation which integrates with Visual Studio 2010

Other enhancements include improved support of submitting e-mails to IIS SMTP pickup folder, improved logging, DateSent support for e-mails converted from Outlook .MSG, new properties to fine-tine authentication process, documentation improvements, fixes for .NET Compact Framework edition, lots of fixes to .Outlook .MSG and .PST related functionality.

The full list of changes:

Download the new version of MailBee.NET Objects: - installation package - MailBee.NET.dll for .NET 1.1 (for legacy apps) - MailBee.NET.dll for .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 (for newer apps)

You can also install and integrate MailBee.NET Objects documentation with your Visual Studio: - Visual Studio 2003 - Visual Studio 2005 - Visual Studio 2008 - Visual Studio 2010

Would like to read more? Please navigate to:

The upgrade is free for all licensed users of MailBee.NET Objects v6.0 bundle or its individual components. Your existing v6.0 key will still work with the new version.

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