MailBee.NET Objects v6.7 adds OAuth and improved HTML-to-RTF conversion

Monday, 07 February 2011
Just released MailBee.NET Objects v6.7 includes lots of improvements to most components and delivers the following major new features and enhancements:

  • Support of OAuth authorization and XOAUTH authentication enables applications to access e-mail resources without requiring end users to give their credentials away to these applications. Widely used by Google, Twitter and many others.

  • Much improved HTML-to-RTF transformation during converting .EML files into Outlook .MSG format. HTML-to-RTF engine now supports more tags and creates more accurate formatting in the produced Outlook .MSG documents.

Other enhancements include NTLM and GSSAPI authentication improvements, a number of fixes to MIME parser and IMAP client, and the revised documentation.

To upgrade, uninstall the current version and download the new version from

You can use your existing MailBee.NET v6.x license keys with the new version.

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