MailBee.NET Objects v6.8 is out

Monday, 21 March 2011
The latest MailBee.NET Objects release allows you to greatly speed up downloading e-mails in your IMAP applications, makes it easier to use DKIM and DomainKeys, can extract RTF body from winmail.dat attachments, and more.

With Imap.DownloadEnvelopesEx method, you can join multiple IMAP commands for downloading message data in a single batch. The pipelined execution of commands may result in 1000% performance boost, and there is no typo here! It's especially efficient when you download text body of multiple e-mails without downloading entire messages.

Also, IMAP and POP3 components now support negative message indexes. For instance, you can easily access the last e-mail in the folder with -1 index.

Many improvements were made to Outlook .MSG, .PST and TNEF parsers. As an example, you can now extract RTF message body from MS-TNEF (winmail.dat attachment).

DKIM signing and verification made easier with MailMessage.DomainKeysSign and MailMessage.DomainKeysVerify methods. You also no longer need Smtp license to verify DKIM signatures and can sign with DKIM during mail merge.

Other improvements include:

  • MailMessage.Parser.FixCrLf property to deal with e-mails not having the correct CrLf sequence at the end of each body line
  • XOAUTH and IMAP XLIST fixes (important for Gmail users)
  • better and user-controlled handling of shared access to spam and non-spam databases in AntiSpam component
  • added new bounced e-mail formats

To upgrade, uninstall the current version and download the new version from:

You can use your existing MailBee.NET v6.x license keys with the new version.

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