MailBee.NET Objects v7.0 adds HTML to PDF conversion

Wednesday, 19 October 2011
The latest release of MailBee.NET Objects adds PDF Converter component you can use to create PDF invoices, quotes, and other table-based documents from their HTML version.

The produced PDF documents can be sent as email attachments, saved to disk or stream for further processing by other applications. You can also tweak and fine-tune the process of converting HTML to PDF with a number of callback methods (delegates in C#), adjusting colors, alignment, fonts, emitting extra elements, and so on. This lets you perform conversion of HTML documents which utilize complex formatting and CSS.

MailBee.NET PDF Converter can also be purchased separately. You can read more at:

Other improvements include native build of MailBee.NET.dll for .NET 4.0, a number of fixes to MIME, .PST, .MSG parser and builder, and S/MIME.

Note that you'll need a new license key to use MailBee.NET Objects v7.0. Use our HelpDesk to get your updated license key:

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