MailBee.NET Objects v7.2 is out

Friday, 18 May 2012
The new version of MailBee.NET Objects offers improved support of Gmail and Yahoo, better parsing of Outlook .MSG and .PST files, and a number of misc. fixes to MIME parser and DKIM. MailBee.NET Objects now supports Gmail-specific IMAP extensions like thread ID, message ID, message labels. It lets you perform message search with Google syntax, add and remove message labels. These are capabilities defined by document. Direct send without a relay server is now possible even if the system's DNS servers are not available, thanks to the root DNS servers provided by Google. See DnsAutodetectOptions.RootServers value for details. When connecting to Yahoo SMTP/IMAP/POP3 servers, MailBee.NET Objects by default selects the appropriate SSL modes and ports. Would like to read more? Please navigate to To upgrade, uninstall the current version and download the new version from You can use your existing MailBee.NET v7.x license keys with the new version. Have questions? Post your inquiries at:

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