MailBee.NET Queue Released

Monday, 28 February 2011
The latest update of MailBee.NET Queue changes its status from Beta to Release.

You can use MailBee.NET Queue to send large volumes of e-mais, reduce response time of your e-mail sending applications, restrict the message sending rate for those servers which impose such limitations, retry the failed sends later.

MailBee.NET Queue can send to ordinary and SSL-only mail servers like Gmail, perform "direct send" via DNS MX lookup, distribute the throughput over multiple SMTP servers and use fail-over servers.

The Release version adds the documentation, a number of C# samples of using MailBee.NET Queue API by your applications, some additional SMTP settings, bugfixes and improvements.

As before, MailBee.NET Queue is available at no additional cost for MailBee.NET SMTP and MailBee.NET Objects users and shipped with the source code. This gives you a great freedom of customizing MailBee.NET Queue for your tasks.

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