Meet 2021 with 21% discount from Afterlogic and Fast Reports!

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Greetings! 2021 is coming and we thought it's a nice occasion to celebrate the New Year with a season discount on all Afterlogic products.

To apply for your 21% discount, select the product on the PURCHASE page, click Purchase, then Redeem Coupon Code on the payment provider page and supply PROMONY2021 code.

The offer is valid till 10 Jan 2021.

And "one more thing"... We understand that besides email, one of the most popular tasks .NET developers face is charts and reporting. Therefore we present a .NET and VCL report generator from our respected partners Fast Reports.

Add BI into your application!
Fast Reports creates tools for Data visualization for .NET 5, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC and WinForms

  • Connect to any data source
  • Use wide range of objects from barcodes to maps
  • Export them into any desired format: PDF, DOCX, JPG, XAML and many more
  • Send to cloud or straight to printing.

    For the year 2021 we are happy to give 21% off on our solutions. Offer valid till January 10, 2021.


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