New WebMail Pro v7.2 adds identities, improved layout and skins

Monday, 10 February 2014
This WebMail Pro PHP release delivers a LOT of new exciting features and improvements. That's what kept us busy this winter:
  • Improved layout of Compose window and Message Preview pane with better attachment management.
  • Attachment thumbnails in preview pane (available when PHP has GD extension enabled).
  • White skin (and skin selector as you can now select skins).
  • Conversion of email addresses in To/CC/BCC fields to blue tags which can be easily drag-n-dropped, removed, or edited.
  • Collapse nested folders.
  • Download all attachments with a single click (available when PHP has zip extension enabled).
  • Automatic highlighting links in HTML messages (earlier, highlighting links was supported in plain-text messages only).
  • Numeric value now appears near "Move to Trash" button and shows how many items are currently selected. This lets you know how many messages will be moved to trash or spam if you click the corresponding button.
  • Collapsed threads are now highlighted if unread messages exist in such threads.
  • New "Save replied messages to current folder" setting makes threads look more complete.
  • Your own email address is replaced with "me" in message list and preview pane.
  • "Email to this group" feature in Contacts.
  • Autocomplete feature on Compose screen now includes groups in suggestion list.
  • Search textbox allows for email:addr_1,addr2,addr_n syntax to search for multiple email addresses at once.
  • Webmail lets you register it as mailto: handler making it the default email application.
  • cPanel installer supports the new cPanel version.
  • And more than a hundred of smaller improvements and other features that are just hard to explain in a few words :-)

Feel free to give it a shot!
Upgrading from the previous version? Check this: Note that if you're upgrading from 7.x version, your license key remains the same. And don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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