WebMail Pro 7.6.3 offers developers the ability to create apps!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The new WebMail Pro release is out. Here is what's new:

  • The coolest thing is that you can now build apps within WebMail Pro or integrate third-party ones. Just place your app into IFRAME and get advantage of secure means of passing the current user context to your app and access to HTTP API.
  • New easy to use HTTP PUT method of uploading files in Files storage and attachments for composing new messages.
  • Master password concept for accessing user accounts via API without knowing their passwords.

Here you can read more on the new API stuff:

Besides that, there is also a Windows Phone support for mobile layout and a number of bug fixes.

More links:
Live demo: https://webmail.afterlogic.com
Homepage: https://afterlogic.com/webmail-client
Documentation: https://afterlogic.com/wiki/WebMail_Pro_documentation
How to upgrade: https://afterlogic.com/wiki/Upgrading_instructions_(WebMail_Pro)
Note that if you're upgrading from 7.x version, your license key remains the same.

Having questions? We'd be happy to get your feedback at:

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