WebMail Pro and Aurora Corporate v.8.7.0 now support OAuth 2.0 via IMAP

Friday, 26 March 2021

We're glad to announce that your user can now attach their Gmail accounts as secondary mailboxes in WebMail Pro and Aurora Corporate via OAuth 2.0 rather than supplying their passwords.

To make this feature available for your users, you'll need to enable IMAP via OAuth 2.0 in WebMail Pro or Aurora Corporate and configure the OAuth 2.0 application in Google.

In future versions, we'll consider adding support of other OAuth 2.0 enabled IMAP providers, like Office 365. Please share your opinion if interested.

To upgrade, see Upgrading instructions for WebMail Pro or Aurora Corporate respectively. If you're upgrading from 8.x version, your license key remains the same.

More links on WebMail Pro
Live demo: https://webmail.afterlogic.com
Homepage: https://afterlogic.com/webmail-client
Documentation: https://afterlogic.com/docs/webmail-pro-8

More links on Aurora Corporate
Live demo: https://aurora.afterlogic.com
Homepage: https://afterlogic.com/aurora
Documentation: https://afterlogic.com/docs/aurora-corporate-8

Have questions? Please feel free to contact us at https://s.afterlogic.com/helpdesk/

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