WebMail Pro PHP and MailSuite Pro Linux got v6.3

Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Today, we released a new version of our webmail server offerings: WebMail Pro - standalone webmail script for existing mail server, and MailSuite Pro Linux - webmail script bundled with an SMTP/IMAP/POP3 MTA, anti-spam and anti-virus for a complete solution. WebMail Pro got the improved plugin system which lets you implement 'change account password' functionality for your mail server (POPPASSD plugin is supplied out-of-box), let users configure forwarding, vacation message (auto-resonder), and so on, without digging into deep internals of the core webmail script. Also, if your mail server supports Sieve filters, you can use Sieve to set forwarding and vacation messages. To configure Sieve filters, WebMail Pro uses ManageSieve protocol. If your server supports Sieve filters but not ManageSieve protocol, you can install AfterLogic ManageSieve Server to fill the gap. MailSuite Pro Linux already includes ManageSieve Server. All of the fixes and improvements made for WebMail Pro are also available within MailSuite Pro Linux bundle. The new version uses the same license key as the previous one. For upgrading instructions, visit: Would like to learn more? Wish to upgrade to the latest version but your maintenance contract is already expired? You can renew it at: https://afterlogic.com/maintenance-renewal Have questions? Post your inquiries at: https://s.afterlogic.com/helpdesk/

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