WebMail Pro PHP v6.1 plays voice messages and supports Plesk

Thursday, 24 March 2011
From now on, WebMail Pro PHP supports both major hosting control panels - Plesk and cPanel, and provides built-in support of voice messages playback.

You're a hosting provider? Plesk integration lets you upgrade Plesk's default webmail software to the fast and neat WebMail Pro package. Your clients will be able to check their Plesk e-mail accounts by entering their credentials on WebMail Pro login form.

A hosting client? You can check your Plesk e-mail account if your hosting provider set WebMail Pro as the default webmail interface, or even install your own copy of WebMail Pro from the local repository and get total control over it - customize its settings, source code, and so on.

Voice messages playback is based on Flash, supports .WAV and .AMR formats, and may be of a special interest of carriers and telecom providers. We implemented it in an extensible manner to enable seamless integration with the existing messaging infrastructure. To assist you with the integration process, we also provide the entire range of ongoing development services.

Other important improvements include the revised Advanced Login mode and enhanced attachments area in message view.

Read more on Plesk integration:

Voice messages support:

Download the new version:

This upgrade is free for all registered users of WebMail Pro v5.0 and above. Your v5.x or v6.x license key will work with the new version.

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