WebMail Pro v7.5 with REST API and new compose screen

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The new WebMail Pro release adds a lot of both end user features and functionality intended for developers. The most notable improvements include the new popup-based message compose screen and REST API.

Users can now minimize compose window and then return to editing at any time, with just a single click. Users which added multiple identities can now change the default identity - another method of improving productivity for those who routinely create lots of messages everyday.

New design of tooltips, VCF/CSV import of contacts from your desktop on Contacts screen and message threading enhancements are also worth mentioning. Overall performance of the user interface has been improved as well, especially opening a message in a new tab and working with accounts having large numbers of folders.

From the developer's and administrator's perspective, the key changes include REST API, revised login mechanism via POST query, the option to automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, and account password change via LDAP.

REST API lets applications and web sites perform WebMail Pro account and domain management tasks from any location, with any programming language. POST login mechanism now includes error checking.

The plugin to change account password via LDAP can be useful if your users' accounts can be manipulated with LDAP queries. The plugin can be easily adapted for your particular LDAP schema and infrastructure. Authentication via LDAP plugin is available as well. Another cool plugin lets you add your custom content on the login screen.

If your server supports HTTPS, you can now force WebMail Pro to automatically redirect to HTTPS if the user entered plain HTTP URL to your installation. This is especially useful as users normally enter just a website name with no protocol specifier while the modern browsers still tend to try plain HTTP by default, even if HTTPS version of the same URL is available. To enable this, set <RedirectToHttps>On</RedirectToHttps> in settings.xml.

And there are more than a hundred of other fixes and improvements. Give it a try to see it in action!

Here are the links:
Live demo: https://webmail.afterlogic.com
Download your free trial: https://afterlogic.com/download/webmail-pro
Product homepage: https://afterlogic.com/webmail-client

Upgrading from the previous version? Check this:

Note that if you're upgrading from 7.x version, your license key remains the same.

And feel free to drop us a message!


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