Afterlogic WebMail Pro Licensing Info

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AfterLogic products can be licensed in a variety of ways. You select a license which corresponds to the way you are going to use the product you wish to purchase.

Per-user license - WebMail Pro can be installed on any number of servers and serve up to the specified amount of Users (mailboxes).

Per-server license - WebMail Pro can be installed on the specified number of servers and serve any applicable number of Users (mailboxes). This license applies only to Hosting Providers which can install WebMail Pro on their cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin servers. As these control panels limit the number of mailboxes per server, the same limit applies to WebMail Pro. In practice, it's 10,000-20,000 mailboxes per server, with 25,000 users being the top limit.

Annually recurring licenses (for ASP.NET version only) require you to renew such license every year in order to continue using the product.

Perpetual licenses do not require renewal unless you want to receive updates and support after the initial year since the original purchase.

All the licenses permit modification of the source code.

User denotes an account in WebMail Pro database. The account can have one primary mailbox associated with the given server, and (optionally) any number of linked mailboxes on external mail servers.

Single Server denotes a single motherboard in the server where WebMail Pro is installed. In case of virtual environments, it's a single virtual machine intstance.

To include WebMail Pro into your web application which can be sold to third parties (rather than being used on your servers only), Contact Sales.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding licensing options, please don't hesitate to contact us.