Afterlogic Aurora Corporate

Afterlogic Aurora Corporate

Groupware system for businesses
and providers
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You're purchasing a license for Aurora Corporate v8 and will be issued with a license key for that version. If you need a key for the previous version (Aurora Corporate v7), please contact us.

Select product license

Per-user licenses

One-time Perpetual License Fee.

Includes 1st year of standard support and updates.

License is based on the number of users (mailboxes) you will have in Aurora.

$995 users

$99 5 users

$14910 users

$149 10 users

$29925 users

$299 25 users

$49950 users

$499 50 users

$799100 users

$799 100 users

$999250 users

$999 250 users

$1199500 users

$1199 500 users

$14991000 users

$1499 1000 users


Total cost

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