MailBee. NET Objects Tutorials

MailBee. NET Objects Tutorials

Sending e-mail messages (SMTP)

* Send a message using SMTP server

* SMTP authentication

* Send a message without SMTP server

* Sending a simple text and HTML e-mail

* Sending a web page and HTML message with embedded pictures

* Create and send message with attachment

* Adding multiple attachments

* Sending e-mails using multiple SMTP servers

* Sending e-mails without SMTP server

* Sending e-mails using both SMTP and DNS servers

* How can I send e-mail through Gmail with C# or VB.NET

Receiving e-mail message (POP3)

* Receiving a simple e-mail

* Receiving and displaying HTML e-mail

* POP3 authentication

* Get the array of Unique-ID's of all messages in the inbox

* Determine if the message has attachments without downloading the entire message

* Receiving message headers from POP3 server

* Access message attachments

Composing message

* Add and remove custom headers

* Request read/delivery receipt

* Send a webpage

Display HTML/plain text message

* Display HTML/plain text message in web application

* Display HTML/plain text message in desktop application

* Display message with embedded pictures

Handling meeting requests

* Create a meeting request item

* Respond to a meeting request item

Exception and error processing

* Introduction

* Exceptions processing

* Errors processing

Bounced messages

* Introduction

* SMTP part

* POP3 part

* Wildcard bounce box method


* Using OAuth 2.0 authentication with and


* Logging of conversation with mail server into a file

* Upgrading MailBee.NET

* Deployment of web application with MailBee.NET.dll

* Upgrade path


* Getting notifications about new messages in mailbox

* Windows integrated authentication

* POP3 folders

* Asynchronous methods of MailBee.NET