Resources Class
Provides localization and text customization framework for MailBee library.
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Namespace: MailBee
Assembly: MailBee.NET (in MailBee.NET.dll) Version: 12.4 build 677 for .NET 4.5
public class Resources

The Resources type exposes the following members.

Public methodResources
Initializes a new instance of the Resources class
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Public propertyErrorDesc_0ComponentNotLicensed
Gets "{0} component not licensed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AbortedByLocalHost
Gets "Socket connection has been aborted by local machine." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AbortedByServer
Gets "Socket connection was aborted by remote host." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AbortedByUser
Gets "Processing is aborted by user." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AlreadyConnected
Gets "Already connected to the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AlreadyLoggedIn
Gets "Already logged in." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_AlreadySsl
Gets "TLS/SSL connection already established." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ArgumentEmpty
Gets "Empty or null argument value is not allowed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ArgumentInvalid
Gets "Argument value is invalid." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ArgumentNull
Gets "Null argument value is not allowed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ArgumentOutOfRange
Gets "Argument value is out of range." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BadCredentials
Gets "Wrong account name and/or password." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BadDnsResponseHeader
Gets "The header of DNS query response is incorrect." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BadMessageData
Gets "The mail message data has been rejected by the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BadRecipient
Gets "The server rejected the given recipient." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BadSender
Gets "The server rejected the specified sender email address." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BdatRejected
Gets "BDAT command has been rejected by the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_BdatTimeout
Gets ErrorDesc_SocketTimeout + " This could happen because the SMTP server does not support CHUNKING properly. Set ExtendedSmtpOptions.NoChunking flag to fix this." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_Busy
Gets "There is already an operation in progress." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CertificateDataInvalid
Gets "Certificate data is invalid, of unknown format, or the supplied password is incorrect." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CertificateStoreWin32Error
Gets "Win32 function related to certificate store API returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CertificateValidationError
Gets "Certificate validation failed: the certificate is invalid or expired." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CertificateWin32Error
Gets "Certificate-related Win32 function returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ConnectionRefused
Gets "Socket connection has been refused by remote host." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ConnectionReset
Gets "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_Conversion8bitTo7Bit
Gets "The message data will be converted to 7bit format because the given server cannot transmit 8bit data. Some data will be lost." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CryptographicException
Gets "CryptographicException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CryptoPrivateKeyInvalid
Gets "Invalid cryptographic private key format." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_CryptoProviderWin32Error
Gets "Win32 function related to a crypto provider API returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DataNotAllowed
Gets "The server rejected DATA command." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DeadDomain0SmtpMXesInCache
Gets "DNS cache states all SMTP MXes for the domain \"{0}\" are not available or broken." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsFailureReply
Gets "DNS server replied with Server Failure status." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsFormatErrorReply
Gets "DNS server replied with Format Error status." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsInvalidQName
Gets "The length of the item name being queried to DNS server exceeds allowed limit." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsNameErrorReply
Gets "DNS server replied queried host name was unknown." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsNotSupportedReply
Gets "DNS server replied with Not Implemented status" string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsQueryMismatch
Gets "The response from DNS server does not correspond to the given query." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsQueryRefusedReply
Gets "DNS server refused the query. You should try another DNS server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsRecursionRequired
Gets "DNS server must support recursion in order to execute the query." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_DnsUnknownReply
Gets "DNS server replied with unknown status." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EhloNotSupported
Gets "EHLO command is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EmptyHostNameForDnsQuery
Gets "Cannot make DNS query for empty host name." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EmptyResponseLine
Gets "Status line of the server response contains no status code." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EncodingError
Gets "Error occurred during string encoding conversion." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EwsFolderAlreadyExists
Gets "Exchange folder already exists." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EwsFolderNotFound
Gets "Exchange folder not found." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EwsLocalException
Gets "Client-side Exchange error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_EwsRemoteException
Gets "Server-side Exchange error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ExternalError
Gets "User code has thrown an exception." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_FileNotFoundException
Gets "IOException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_HostDown
Gets "Remote host is down." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_HostNotFound
Gets "Remote host not found." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_HostUnreachable
Gets "Remote host is unreachable." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_IllegalContext
Gets "This operation is not allowed in the current context." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_IllegalInCurrentState
Gets "An attempt to call a method of an object in the inappropriate state." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_IllegalInMultiThreadMode
Gets "This operation is allowed in single-thread mode only." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_IllegalRaiseEventsMode
Gets "Wait is not allowed unless RaiseEventsViaMessageLoop=false." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapFolderNotSelected
Gets "A folder must be selected on the server. Call SelectFolder or ExamineFolder first." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapIdleNotSupported
Gets "The IMAP4 server does not support IDLE capability required to go into IDLE mode." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapMessageIndexNotFound
Gets "The message with the specified index does not exist on the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapNamespaceNotSupported
Gets "The IMAP4 server does not support NAMESPACE capability." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapQuotaNotSupported
Gets "The IMAP4 server does not support QUOTA capability required to obtain account and folder quotas." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapResponseNotFound
Gets "No required data found in the server response." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapSortNotSupported
Gets "The IMAP4 server does not support SORT capability required to perform sorted search." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImapUidPlusNotSupported
Gets "The IMAP4 server does not support UIDPLUS capability required for the current operation to complete." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ImpersonationWin32Error
Gets "Impersonation-related Win32 function returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InconsistentResponse
Gets "The response received from the server refers to non-existent data." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InternalError
Gets "Internal error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidBase64DataInResponse
Gets "Base64 data received from the server cannot be decoded." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidBinaryResponse
Gets "The binary response received from the server cannot be parsed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidDataFormat
Gets "Supplied data has invalid format." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidDataSyntax
Gets "Supplied string has invalid syntax." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidDateFormat
Gets "Supplied string date format is invalid." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidDomain0InCache
Gets "DNS cache states the domain \"{0}\" does not exist." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidImapEnvelope
Gets The envelope data is corrupted or incorrect. Envelope.IsValid will be false." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidOperationException
Gets "InvalidOperationException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidResponse
Gets "The response received from the server could not be parsed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_InvalidResponseItem
Gets "The particular item of the response data cannot be parsed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_IOException
Gets "IOException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_JobInBatchFailed
Gets "At least one job failed in the batch. Further processing is stopped. Enable/see log file for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_LoginWin32Error
Gets "The server has rejected authentication data sent by the client." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_MessageDataTooLarge
Gets "The length of message data exceeds maximum allowed limit for the given server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NegativeResponse
Gets "The server has responded with negative reply." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoAllowedRecipients
Gets "The server rejected all the recipients of the mail message." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoCredentials
Gets "No credentials have been supplied for login." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoDnsAttemptsLeft
Gets "DNS server has failed too many times and is now considered down." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoDnsServersAvailable
Gets "At least one DNS server must be registered in the system in order to perform direct send." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoDnsServersSpecified
Gets "At least one DNS server must be specified in order to perform direct send or MX query." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoDomainsForMXLookup
Gets "At least one recipient domain must be specified in order to perform MX lookup." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoDomainsToSendFor
Gets "At least one recipient domain must be specified in order to send mail to domains MXes." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoIP4AddressesFound
Gets "No IPv4-compatible end point found." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoMessageInImapResponse
Gets "No required mail message data found in the server response." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoOperationToEnd
Gets "There is no such operation in progress." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoRecipients
Gets "At least one recipient must be specified." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoSender
Gets "No sender specified for the mail message." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoSmtpOrDnsServersSpecified
Gets "At least one DNS or SMTP server must be specified in order to send mail." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoSmtpServersSpecified
Gets "At least one SMTP server must be specified in order to send to relay server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NoSupportedLoginMethods
Gets "None of the specified authentication methods is supported by the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NotConnected
Gets "Not yet connected to the server. Call Connect first." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NotHelloed
Gets "SMTP Hello (HELO or EHLO) has not yet been sent. Call Hello first." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NotImpersonated
Gets "Not impersonated yet. Call LogonAs first." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_NotLoggedIn
Gets "Not yet logged in. Call Login first." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ObjectReadOnly
Gets "An attempt to modify the object state has been made while IsReadOnly is set to true." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OK
Gets "No error." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocAttemptToReplaceExistingBlockAllocationTable
Gets "Attempt to replace existing OLE2 BlockAllocationTable." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocBatCountExceedsLimit
Gets "OLE2 BAT count exceeds limit, yet XBAT index indicates no valid entries." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocBlock0AlreadyRemoved
Gets "OLE2 Block[{0}] already removed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocBuildingError
Gets "An OLE2 building error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocCannotOpenInternalDocumentStorage
Gets "Cannot open internal OLE2 document storage." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocCannotRemoveBlock0OutOfRange1
Gets "Cannot remove OLE2 block[{0}] out of range[0 - {1}]." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocCannotReturnEmptyData
Gets "Cannot return empty OLE2 data." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocCouldNotFindAllBlocks
Gets "Could not find all OLE2 blocks." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocDuplicateName0
Gets "Duplicate OLE2 name {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocEntry0IsNotDocumentEntry
Gets "OLE2 entry '{0}' is not a DocumentEntry." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocIllegalBlockCount0
Gets "Illegal OLE2 block count; minimum count is 1, got {0} instead." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocImproperlyInitializedList
Gets "Improperly initialized list: no OLE2 block allocation table provided." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocIndex0IsUnused
Gets "OLE2 index {0} is unused." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocInvalidHeaderSignatureRead0Expected1
Gets "Invalid OLE2 header signature (Outlook MSG message must be a binary file with a valid OLE2 signature). Read {0}, expected {1}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocParsingError
Gets "An OLE2 parsing error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocTriedToWriteTooMuchData
Gets "Tried to write too much OLE2 data." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocUnableToReadEntireHeader0ReadExpected1
Gets "Unable to read the entire OLE2 header: {0} byte(s) read; expected {1} bytes." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OleDocXmlNotOle2Format
Gets "The supplied data appears to be in the Office 2007+ XML. MailBee.NET only supports OLE2 document format." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstAttachmentIsEmpty
Gets "PST attachment is empty." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstAttemptingToGetNonBinaryData
Gets "Attempting to get non-binary data where they are not expected in PST." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstBadSignature0
Gets "Unable to process PST descriptor node, bad signature: {0}" string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstCantGetChildFoldersForFolder01ChildCount23
Gets "Can't get child folders for folder {0}({1}) child count: {2} - {3}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstExpectingLocalDescriptorNodeRef
Gets "Local PST descriptor node ref was expected but not found." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstExternalReferenceButNoLocalDescriptorItems
Gets "External reference but no localDescriptorItems where they are expected in PST." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstInvalidDescriptorsOffsetPassed
Gets "Unable to create PST descriptor, invalid descriptor offset." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstInvalidFileHeader0
Gets "Invalid PST file header: {0}, expected: !BDN." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstInvalidInternalBlockSize
Gets "Invalid PST internal block size." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstIOExceptionReadingSubNode0
Gets "IOException reading PST subNode: 0x{0:X8}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstMissingAttachmentDescriptorItemFor0
Gets "Missing attachment descriptor item for: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstMultipleValueArraysInSubdescriptorsUnsupported
Gets "Multiple value array in PST subdescriptor encountered." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstOnlyUnencryptedFilesSupported
Gets "Only unencrypted and compressable PST files are supported at this time." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstParsingError
Gets "Outlook .PST file parsing error occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToCreate7cTable
Gets "Unable to create PSTTable7C, table is not 7c." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToCreateBcTable
Gets "Unable to create PSTTableBC, table is not bc." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToFetchAttachmentNumber0Only1InThisEmail
Gets "Unable to fetch PST attachment #{0}, only {1} attachment(s) found in this e-mail message." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToFetchAttachmentNumber0UnableToReadAttachmentDetailsTable
Gets "Unable to fetch PST attachment #{0}, unable to read attachment details table." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToFetchRecipientNumber0
Gets "Unable to fetch PST recipient #{0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToFind0
Gets "Unable to find {0} in PST data." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToFindNode0
Gets "Unable to find PST node: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToParseTable0
Gets "Unable to parse PST table, can't find BTHHEADER header information: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToParseTableBadType
Gets "Unable to parse PST table, bad table type." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToParseTableBadType0
Gets "Unable to parse PST table, bad table type. Unknown identifier: 0x{0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToProcessArray
Gets "Unable to process PST array, not an array." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToProcessXBlock
Gets "Unable to process PST XBlock, incorrect identifier." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToReadDescriptorNode
Gets "Unable to read PST descriptor node, not a descriptor." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToReadDescriptorNodeIsNotADescriptor
Gets "Unable to read descriptor node, is not a descriptor." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToReadSignature
Gets "Unable to read PST Signature." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnableToSeekPastEndOfItemSize0SeekingTo1
Gets "Unable to seek past end of PST item. size = {0}, seeking to: {1}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnknownChildType01
Gets "Unknown PST child type: {0} - {1}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_OutlookPstUnrecognisedPstFileVersion0
Gets "Unrecognised PST File version: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_Pop3AuthCommandUnknown
Gets "The server does not support AUTH command. SASL authentication will not be available." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_Pop3CapaCommandUnknown
Gets "The server does not support CAPA command. POP3 pipelining will not be available." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ProxyAuthMethodsNotAccepted
Gets "None of the methods listed by the client to the proxy server are acceptable." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ProxyConnectionDeclined
Gets "The proxy server declined to act as a proxy gateway for the given client." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ProxyGssApiAuthFailed
Gets "Proxy GSSAPI authentication failed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ProxyUserPassAuthFailed
Gets "Proxy Username/Password authentication failed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_ResponseTimeout
Gets "Establishing connection with the server has been aborted as it was too slow." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SaslAnswerRejected
Gets "The server has rejected authentication data sent by the client." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SmimeWin32Error
Gets "S/MIME-related Win32 function returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SocketDisposed
Gets "The socket object used by MailBee was unexpectedly closed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SocketException
Gets "SocketException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SocketTimeout
Gets "Socket connection has timed out." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SslNegoAuthException
Gets "AuthenticationException occurred during SSL negotiation. Perhaps, you need to specify a more secure protocol such as TLS 1.2 (see SecurityProtocol.TlsAuto)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SslNegoException
Gets "Exception occurred during SSL negotiation." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SslNegoIOException
Gets "IOException occurred during SSL negotiation. Perhaps, you need to specify a more secure protocol such as TLS 1.2 (see SecurityProtocol.TlsAuto)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SslNegoNotSupportedException
Gets "Exception occurred during SSL negotiation. Perhaps, you need to specify a more secure protocol such as TLS 1.2 (see SecurityProtocol.TlsAuto)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SslWin32Error
Gets "SSL-related Win32 function returned an error. See NativeErrorCode property value for more information." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_StartTlsNotAvailable
Gets "The server does not support STARTTLS (STLS for POP3) command." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_StreamCannotRead
Gets "The specified stream is closed or write-only or doesn't support seeking (random access)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_StreamCannotWrite
Gets "The specified stream is closed or read-only or doesn't support seeking (random access)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_SyncIONotSupported
Gets "Sync I/O not supported by this platform. Use async I/O instead." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefAttributeChecksumInvalid
Gets "Invalid checksum of TNEF attribute." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefAttributeLevelInvalid0
Gets "Invalid TNEF attribute level: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefCompressedRtfCrc32Failed
Gets "TNEF compressed-RTF CRC32 failed." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefCompressedRtfDataSizeMismatch
Gets "TNEF compressed-RTF data size mismatch." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefCompressedRtfHeaderInvalid
Gets "Invalid TNEF compressed-RTF header." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefGuidInvalid0
Gets "Invalid TNEF Guid: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefLevelTypeInvalid0
Gets "Invalid TNEF level type: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefMapiMultivalueIsNotAllowedInSingleMapiValue
Gets "Multivalue is not allowed in single MapiValue." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefMapiPropTypeInvalid0
Gets "Invalid MapiProp type: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefMapiTypeUnknown0
Gets "Unknown TNEF MAPI type: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefSignature0Invalid
Gets "Invalid TNEF signature 0x{0} (not a valid TNEF stream)." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefUnexpectedEndOfStream
Gets "Unexpected end of TNEF stream." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_TnefUnknownRtfCompressionType0
Gets "TNEF Unknown RTF compression type (magic number {0})." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_UnauthorizedAccessException
Gets "IOException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_Unknown
Gets "Unknown error." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_UnsupportedLoginMethod
Gets "The specified authentication method is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_WebException
Gets "IOException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDesc_XmlException
Gets "IOException occurred." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_DnsResponseCode0HostName1Base64EncodedData2
Gets " DnsResponseCode: {0}, HostName DNS server was queried about: \"{1}\", Base64 encoded response data: {2} (trailing zero bytes truncated)." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_ImapInvalidEnvelopeMessageNumber0
Gets " The invalid envelope message number is: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_ImapNonExistentMessageNumber0
Gets " Non-existent message number is: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_ImapNonExistentUid0
Gets " Non-existent UID is: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_InnerException0
Gets " InnerException message follows: {0}" string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_ResponseString0
Gets " The server responded: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_ServerResponded0
Gets " The server responded: {0}." string.
Public propertyErrorDescSuffix_Win32ErrorCode0Desc1
Gets " The Win32 error code is: {0}. The Win32 description is: {1}." string.
Public propertyStatic memberInstance
Gets or sets the object of either Resources class or any derived class, which defines string resources used by MailBee.
Public propertyLicenseKeyComVersion
Gets "LicenseKey is for MailBee COM/ActiveX version rather than MailBee.NET version." string.
Public propertyLicenseKeyInvalid
Gets "LicenseKey is invalid. See documentation on MailBee.Global.LicenseKey property of the component for more information." string.
Public propertyLicenseKeyIsWriteOnlyWarning
Gets "Warning: LicenseKey property is write-only." string.
Public propertyLicenseKeyOlderVersion
Gets "LicenseKey is for an older version of MailBee.NET components." string.
Public propertyLicenseKeyTrialExpired
Gets "Trial LicenseKey is expired." string.
Public propertyLog_0BytesReceived
Gets "Total {0} bytes received." string.
Public propertyLog_0BytesSent
Gets "Data chunk of {0} bytes sent." string.
Public propertyLog_AbortRequested
Gets "User code called Abort." string.
Public propertyLog_AssemblyVersion0
Gets "Assembly version: {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_Base64Banner
Gets "Binary data is Base64-encoded" string.
Public propertyLog_ConnectedToServerAtHost0OnPort1
Gets "Connected to mail service at host \"{0}\" on port {1} and ready." string.
Public propertyLog_DisconnectedFromHost0
Gets "Disconnected from host \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_Dns0RecordsFoundForHost1
Gets "{0} DNS record(s) found for host \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsCreatingQueryAboutHost0
Gets "Creating DNS query about host \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsParsingReceivedResponse
Gets "Parsing a response that was received from DNS server." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsQueryDone
Gets "DNS query done." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfATypeHasIP0
Gets "DNS record of A type. IP={0}." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfCNameTypeIsAliasFor0
Gets "DNS record of CNAME type. Alias for \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfMXTypeHasSmtpHost0OfPreference1
Gets DNS record of MX type. SmtpHost=\"{0}\", Preference={1}." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfPtrTypeDenotesDomain0
Gets "DNS record of PTR type. Denotes domain \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfTxtTypeHas0Strings
Gets "DNS record of TXT type. Has {0} strings." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecordOfUnknownType
Gets "DNS record of unknown type detected." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecursionIsNotSupported
Gets "Recursion is not supported by DNS server." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecursionIsSupported
Gets "Recursion is supported by DNS server." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsRecursionStatusUnknown
Gets "Recursion status is unknown for the given DNS server." string.
Public propertyLog_DnsSendingQueryToEndPoint0
Gets "Sending query to DNS server at \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_Error0
Gets "Error: {0}" string.
Public propertyLog_Ews0AttachmentsReturned
Gets "{0} attachments returned." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsAttachmentNotFound
Gets "Attachment not found." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsDownloadFolderByFullNameRecursivelyFoundNothing
Gets "Finding folder by full name recursively found nothing" string.
Public propertyLog_EwsFolderFullName0AlreadyExists
Gets "Folder full name \"{0}\" already exists." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsFolderFullName0MatchedToId1
Gets "Folder full name \"{0}\" matched to folder ID {1}" string.
Public propertyLog_EwsFolderFullName0NotFound
Gets "Folder full name \"{0}\" not found." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsOperationDone
Gets "Operation done." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsOperationDone0ItemsReturned
Gets "Operation done, {0} item(s) returned." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsOperationDone0MessagesDeleted
Gets "Operation done, {0} messages deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillAddAttachmentAndUpdateItem
Gets "Will add attachment and update item." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillBindFolderId0
Gets "Will bind folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillBindItemId0
Gets "Will bind item ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillCheckFolderExistsByFullName0
Gets "Will check folder existance by full name \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillCheckFolderExistsByShortName0InParentFolderId1
Gets "Will check folder existance by short name \"{0}\" in parent folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillCopyItemToFolderId0
Gets "Will copy item to folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillCreateFolder0
Gets "Will create folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillCreateFolder0InId1
Gets "Will create folder \"{0}\" in folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDelete0AttachmentsAndUpdateItem
Gets "Will delete {0} attachment(s) and update item." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDeleteAllAttachmentsAndUpdateItem
Gets "Will delete all attachments and update item." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDeleteFolderUsingMethod0
Gets "Will delete folder using method {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDeleteItemsUsingMethod0
Gets "Will delete items using method {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDeleteItemUsingMethod0
Gets "Will delete item using method {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDownloadFolderByFullName0InContainingFolderId1
Gets "Will find and download folder by full name \"{0}\" in containing folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDownloadFolderByFullName0Recursively
Gets "Will find and download folder by full name \"{0}\" recursively." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillDownloadFolderByShortName0InParentFolderId1
Gets "Will find and download folder by short name \"{0}\" in parent folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillEmptyFolderUsingMethod0
Gets "Will empty folder using method {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillFindFolderIdByShortName0InParentFolderId1
Gets "Will find FolderId by short name \"{0}\" in parent folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillFindFolders
Gets "Will find folders." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillFindItemsInFolderId0
Gets "Will find items in folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillGet0Attachments
Gets "Will get {0} attachment(s)." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillLoadPropertiesForItems
Gets "Will load properties for items." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillMoveFolderToId0
Gets "Will move folder to folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillMoveItemToFolderId0
Gets "Will move item to folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillRenameFolderTo0
Gets "Will rename folder to \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillRenameOrMoveFolderWithOldFullName0ToNewFullName1
Gets "Will rename or move folder with old full name \"{0}\" to new full name \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillResolveName0
Gets "Will resolve name \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillSendEmail
Gets "Will send email." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillSendEmailAndSaveCopy
Gets "Will send email and save copy." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillSendEmailAndSaveCopyInFolderId0
Gets "Will send email and save copy in folder ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillUpdateItemId0
Gets "Will update item ID {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_EwsWillUpload0BytesMessageIntoFolderId1
Gets "Will upload {0} bytes message into folder ID {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_Host0ResolvedToIP1
Gets "Host \"{0}\" resolved to IP address(es) {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapCloseFolder
Gets "Close folder." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapCopyMessagesDone
Gets "Messages copied." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapDownloadEnvelopesDone
Gets "Envelopes downloaded" string.
Public propertyLog_ImapDownloadFoldersDone
Gets "Folder list downloaded." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapExpunge
Gets "Expunge all deleted messages from the folder." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapExpunge0
Gets "Expunge messages with UIDs \"{0}\" from the folder." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapFolderQuota0
Gets "Obtain quota limits and usage for folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapFolderStatus0
Gets "Get statistics for folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapGetCapabilitiesViaCapability
Gets "Get the list of IMAP4 capabilities via CAPABILITY command." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapGettingQuotaFromList
Gets "Processing a single quota from quota list." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapIdleDone
Gets "Idle done." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapLiteralOfLength0
Gets "Literal of length {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapManageFolder0
Gets "Manage folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapMatchingQuotaFound
Gets "Matching quota found." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapMoveMessagesDone
Gets "Messages moved." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapNamespace
Gets "Get namespaces for the account." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapPreauthenticatedUser
Gets "Preauthenticated user" string.
Public propertyLog_ImapRenameFolder0To1
Gets "Rename folder \"{0}\" to \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapSearchDone
Gets "Search done." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapSelectFolder0
Gets "Select folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapSetMessageFlags
Gets "Setting flags for messages." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapSortDone
Gets "Sorted search done." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapUploadMessageDone
Gets "Message uploaded." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillCopyMessagesTo0
Gets "Will copy messages to folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillDownloadEnvelopes
Gets "Will download envelopes." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillDownloadFoldersOf0Matching1
Gets "Will download list of sub-folders of \"{0}\" folder matching \"{1}\" condition." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillFinishIdling
Gets "Will finish idling." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillIdle
Gets "Will go idle." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillMoveMessagesTo0
Gets "Will move messages to folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillSearch
Gets "Will perform search in the folder." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillSort
Gets "Will perform sorted search in the folder." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillTryRegularAuth
Gets "Will try regular LOGIN authentication." string.
Public propertyLog_ImapWillUploadMessageTo0
Gets "Will upload message to folder \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_LoggedInAs0
Gets "Logged in as \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingFailedJobReEnqueued
Gets "Failed job put back into pending list." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingFailedJobsEnqueued
Gets "All failed jobs moved back into pending list." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingJob0
Gets "Job {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingNoPendingJobsLeft
Gets "All pending jobs have been put into processing." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingPendingJobEnqueued
Gets "New pending job to send e-mail(s)." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingPendingJobWentToProcessing
Gets "Processing of a pending job started." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingProcessingJobsFinished
Gets "All jobs have been processed." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingProcessingJobsStarted
Gets "Processing of pending jobs started." string.
Public propertyLog_MailingWorkerThreadDone
Gets "Worker thread with hash {0} and ID {1} has finished all the tasks." string.
Public propertyLog_MessageTypeInfo
Gets "INFO" string.
Public propertyLog_MessageTypeRecv
Gets "RECV" string.
Public propertyLog_MessageTypeSend
Gets "SEND" string.
Public propertyLog_MessageTypeUser
Gets "USER" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3ApopAuthNotSupported
Gets "APOP authentication is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3DeletedMessageIndex0
Gets "Message (index={0}) marked as deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3DeletedMessagesStartIndex0Count1
Gets "Messages (startIndex={0}, count={1}) marked as deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3Downloaded0Index1
Gets "Downloaded {0} (index={1})." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3Downloaded0StartIndex1Count2
Gets "Downloaded {0} (startIndex={1}, count={2})." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3DownloadList
Gets "Download the list of lengths of all messages in inbox." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3DownloadStat
Gets "Download inbox statistics." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3DownloadUidl
Gets "Download the list of Unique-IDs of all messages in inbox." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3EntireMessage
Gets "entire message" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3EntireMessages
Gets "entire messages" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3GetAdvertizedSaslMethodsViaAuth
Gets "Get the list of advertized SASL authentication methods via AUTH command." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3GetCapabilitiesViaCapa
Gets "Get the list of POP3 capabilities via CAPA command." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3MessageHeader
Gets "message header" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3MessageHeaderAnd0BodyLines
Gets "partial (header + {0} body lines) message" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3MessageHeaders
Gets "message headers" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3MessageHeadersAnd0BodyLines
Gets "partial (header + {0} body lines) messages" string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3NothingToDelete
Gets "No messages could be deleted from empty inbox." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3ResetDeletes
Gets "Cancel deletion of all messages marked as deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillDeleteMessageIndex0
Gets "Will mark message (index={0}) as deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillDeleteMessagesStartIndex0Count1
Gets "Will mark messages (startIndex={0}, count={1}) as deleted." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillDownload0Index1
Gets "Will download {0} (index={1})." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillDownload0StartIndex1Count2
Gets "Will download {0} (startIndex={1}, count={2})." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillTryApopAuth
Gets "Will try APOP authentication." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3WillTryRegularAuth
Gets "Will try regular USER/PASS authentication." string.
Public propertyLog_Pop3ZeroMessagesDownloadedFromEmptyInbox
Gets "Inbox was empty. Zero messages downloaded." string.
Public propertyLog_Sasl0AuthUnsupported
Gets "SASL {0} authentication method is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailDone
Gets "Mail message sent." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailFailedRecipientsAllowed
Gets "Failed recipients allowed." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailFailedRecipientsNotAllowed
Gets "Failed recipients not allowed." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailGotARblListsFor0RblsOf1Total
Gets "Retrieved A records from {0} RBL(s) of {1} total." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailGotDnsInfoRegardingHost0FromCache
Gets "Got DNS info regarding \"{0}\" from cache." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailGotMXListsFor0DomainsOf1Total
Gets "Retrieved MX records for {0} recipient domain(s) of {1} total." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailMadeDnsQueryToDnsAt0RegardingHost1
Gets "Made DNS query to DNS server at {0} regarding host \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailMessageSubmittedToPickupFolderAs0
Gets "Mail message submitted to pickup folder as \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailProcessedDnsQueryToDnsAt0RegardingHost1
Gets "Processed results of DNS query to DNS server at {0} regarding host \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailSentToMXesOfDomain0
Gets "Mail message sent to SMTP MX server(s) of domain \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailSentToRecipientDomains
Gets "Mail message sent to SMTP MX server(s) for every domain." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailSentViaMXLookup
Gets "Mail message sent using MX Lookup." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailTestDone
Gets "Test send of mail message done." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailTestViaMXLookupDone
Gets "Test send of mail message using MX Lookup completed." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillGetARblRecordsForIP0
Gets "Will get A RBL records for IP address {0}." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillGetMXLists
Gets "Will retrieve MX records for every recipient domain." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillMakeDnsQueryToDnsAt0RegardingHost1
Gets "Will make DNS query to DNS server at {0} regarding host \"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillSend
Gets "Will send mail message." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillSendToMXesOfDomain0
Gets "Will send mail message to SMTP MX server(s) of domain \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillSendToRecipientDomains
Gets "Will send mail message to SMTP MX server(s) for every domain." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillSendViaMXLookup
Gets "Will send mail message using MX lookup." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillSubmitMessageToPickupFolder
Gets "Will submit mail message to pickup folder." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillTestSend
Gets "Will test sending mail message." string.
Public propertyLog_SendMailWillTestSendViaMXLookup
Gets "Will test sending mail message using MX lookup." string.
Public propertyLog_ServerCertAutoValidationSucceeded
Gets "Server certificate validation passed." string.
Public propertyLog_ServerCertRetrieved
Gets "Server certificate successfully created from the handle. Can verify it now." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpAuthPopBeforeSmtpFailed
Gets "Warning: POP-before-SMTP authentication failed." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpAuthPopBeforeSmtpSucceeded
Gets "POP-before-SMTP authentication succeeded." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpLoginFailed
Gets "Warning: Authentication failed." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpSendDone
Gets "Message successfully submitted to SMTP server." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpSenderAndRecipientsAccepted
Gets "Sender and recipients accepted by SMTP server." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpSessionReset
Gets "SMTP session was reset." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpSubmittingMessageData
Gets "Will send message data now." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpSubmittingSenderAndRecipients
Gets "Will submit sender and recipients." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpTestSendDone
Gets "Test send succeeded." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpWillHello
Gets "Will send Hello command (HELO or EHLO)." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpWillPerformAuthPopBeforeSmtp
Gets "Will perform POP-before-SMTP authentication." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpWillResetSmtpSession
Gets "Will reset SMTP session." string.
Public propertyLog_SmtpWillSendMailMessageToServer0
Gets "Will send mail message to SMTP server \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_SocketConnectedToIPAddress0OnPort1
Gets "Socket connected to IP address {0} on port {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_SslCredentialsCreated
Gets "TLS/SSL credentials created." string.
Public propertyLog_SslHandshakeDone
Gets "TLS/SSL negotiation completed." string.
Public propertyLog_StartTls
Gets "Request server to begin TLS/SSL negotiation." string.
Public propertyLog_Warning0
Gets "Warning: {0}" string.
Public propertyLog_WillConnectToHost0OnPort1
Gets "Will connect to host \"{0}\" on port {1}." string.
Public propertyLog_WillConnectVia0ProxyAtHost1OnPort2
Gets "Will actually connect via {0} proxy server at host \"{1}\" on port {2}." string.
Public propertyLog_WillCreateSslCredentials
Gets "Will create TLS/SSL credentials." string.
Public propertyLog_WillDisconnectFromHost0
Gets "Will disconnect from host \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_WillLoginAs0
Gets "Will login as \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_WillPerformSslHandshake
Gets "Will start TLS/SSL negotiation sequence." string.
Public propertyLog_WillResolveHost0
Gets "Will resolve host \"{0}\"." string.
Public propertyLog_WillTrySasl0Auth
Gets "Will try SASL {0} authentication method." string.
Public propertyLog_WillValidateServerCert
Gets "Will check if server certificate complies with the specified auto-validation flags." string.
Public propertyLogParam_MailingFailedOrCancelled
Gets "failed or cancelled" string.
Public propertyLogParam_MailingSucceeded
Gets "succeeded" string.
Public propertyLogSuffix_Tag0Rows1
Gets " Tag=\"{0}\", Rows=\"{1}\"." string.
Public propertyPop3AuthCommandUnknown
Gets "AUTH command is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertyPop3CapaCommandUnknown
Gets "CAPA command is not supported by the server." string.
Public propertySmtpHelloed
Gets "SMTP Hello completed." string.
The developer can derive a class from Resources class and override some or all properties for the purposes of localization or other tasks which require modification of any messages returned by MailBee (this includes log file messages, error messages, etc).
Caution note Caution
For this class, it's not guaranteed to preserve compatibility with future versions of MailBee library. In particular, properties returning error message strings may be replaced.

This sample changes the standard log message "Messages (startIndex={0}, count={1}) marked as deleted." (defined by Log_Pop3DeletedMessagesStartIndex0Count1 property) to "{1} message(s) starting at {0} flagged as deleted.". Log_Pop3WillDeleteMessagesStartIndex0Count1 property is overridden as well.

To show the effect of this change, the logging is on, and messages in the POP3 mailbox are flagged as deleted twice (so the log messages are added using the standard resources and then using the modified resources). However, no message is actually deleted since ResetDeletes method is called each time.

To improve readability of the log, all log messages which are not necessary for understanding this sample are filtered out in LogNewEntry event handler.

using System;
using MailBee;
using MailBee.Pop3Mail;

class Sample
    // We set it to true only for the time while DeleteMessages is executing.
    // Alternatively, we could just enable logging only for the time of 
    // DeleteMessages execution and have it disabled at other times.
    private static bool    m_addEntry;

    // LogNewEntry event handler
    private static void OnLogNewEntry(object sender, LogNewEntryEventArgs e)
        // Do not add log records which either do not apply to 
        // DeleteMessages or contain data transferred between the client 
        // and the server. This way, we filter all log messages which do 
        // not directly relate to this sample.
        if (!m_addEntry || e.NewEntry.MessageType != LogMessageType.Info)
            e.NewEntry.AddThisEntry = false;

    // The actual code
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Pop3 pop = new Pop3();

        // Subscribe to the LogNewEntry to filter out unnecessary log records.
        pop.LogNewEntry += new LogNewEntryEventHandler(OnLogNewEntry);

        // Connect to the POP3 server and log in the user account.
        pop.Login("jdoe", "secret");

        // Enable logging after already connected to the server.
        // Alternatively, we could move this code above pop.Connect 
        // and set m_addEntry=false there.
        pop.Log.Enabled = true;
        pop.Log.Filename = @"C:\Temp\pop3_log.txt";

        // Will add the records produced by DeleteMessages, to the log.
        m_addEntry = true;

        // Flag the messages as deleted using Resources class.
        pop.Log.WriteLine("The following 2 log records are added using standard resources");
        pop.DeleteMessages(1, 3);

        // We do not want to overburden the log with ResetDeletes results.
        m_addEntry = false;

        // Flag the messages as deleted using MyResources class.
        Resources.Instance = new MyResources();
        m_addEntry = true;
        pop.Log.WriteLine("The following 2 log records are added using MyResources");
        pop.DeleteMessages(1, 3);

        // We do not want to overburden the log with ResetDeletes and Disconnect results.
        m_addEntry = false;


// Derive our resources class from Resource and override the properties 
// which return the string values used to log DeleteMessages method progress.
class MyResources : Resources
    public override string Log_Pop3DeletedMessagesStartIndex0Count1
        get { return "{1} message(s) starting at {0} flagged as deleted."; }

    public override string Log_Pop3WillDeleteMessagesStartIndex0Count1
        get { return "Will flag {1} message(s) starting at {0} as deleted."; }

// After running this code, C:\Temp\pop3_log.txt file should look like below.
[00:41:02.54] [USER] The following 2 log records are added using standard resources
[00:41:02.55] [INFO] Will mark messages (startIndex=1, count=3) as deleted.
[00:41:02.56] [INFO] Messages (startIndex=1, count=3) marked as deleted.
[00:41:02.56] [USER] 
[00:41:02.57] [USER] The following 2 log records are added using MyResources
[00:41:02.57] [INFO] Will flag 3 message(s) starting at 1 as deleted.
[00:41:02.57] [INFO] 3 message(s) starting at 1 flagged as deleted.
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