Afterlogic Aurora document editing now supports versioning and older file formats

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

In just a month since introducing document editing in Aurora, we've released Aurora Corporate v8.8.1 which extends document editing capabilities even further. New features include:

  • Document history - users can browse through older versions of the document and download them if desired.
  • Editing older file formats (such as DOC, XLS in contrast to DOCX and XLSX). OnlyOffice which is used as the document editing engine cannot edit older file formats directly so Aurora now offers the ability to convert such documents into a modern format with a single click.

This release also includes a number of misc. bug fixes and improvements here and there, and affects both editions of Aurora - Aurora Corporate, a business mail and groupware platform, and Aurora Files, an open-source self-hosted file cloud.

To upgrade, see Upgrading instructions for Aurora Corporate or Aurora Files respectively.

Missed the previous news regarding adding the document editor to Aurora? Here you go.

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