MailBee Objects v5.7 supports IMAP IDLE and QUOTA

Friday, 16 October 2009
Nowadays IMAP IDLE extension became very popular for mobile sync and other purposes. Previously, only MailBee.NET Objects supported IDLE. With the new release, you can now take advantage of this feature in ActiveX version of MailBee components as well.

The new release also supports IMAP QUOTA (used to determine the mailbox size) and can better tolerate responses from not-well written IMAP servers (smart parsing).

It also contains a number of other improvements (see History in the documentation for the full list), we recommend upgrading to this version to all the users of ActiveX components of MailBee Objects family. Your existing license key will work with the new version.

Download the new version of MailBee Objects ActiveX: - installation package - 32-bit .DLL only - 64-bit .DLL only

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