MailBee.NET Objects with Source Code

Friday, 08 April 2011
Ever wanted to get hold of the source code of MailBee.NET Objects to gain full control over all the features? Then you may be interested to learn that we now offer MailBee.NET Objects with Source Code option at a competitive price.

With the source code, you'll be able to tweak every existing feature or add your own, get access to the internal classes with extra functionality, comply with the requirements in some deployments where all the software being used must be accompanied with its source code.

The pricing starts from $1199 for a perpetual Single Developer license, and includes 1 year of the free standard support and updates of the binaries and source code. If you already own a license with source code, you can upgrade to the Source code license for the price difference.

The source code consists of two Visual Studio 2008 C# projects (.NET 2.0+ and .NET Compact Framework 2.0+) and Visual Studio 2003 C# project (.NET 1.1 legacy version).

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