Mobile sync, 3-pane view, LDAP in MailSuite Pro and WebMail Pro v5.0

Friday, 30 July 2010
Ergonomic 3-pane view layout optimized for wide-screen displays allows for better webmail experience while the Outlook sync plugin lets you keep working with your events and contacts when you're not using the webmail. Outlook sync was rewritten from the ground up and now supports two-way synchronization of both contacts and calendar events.

MailSuite Pro for Linux adds another way of synchronizing your contacts and calendar - via SyncML. The installer can automatically download and setup Funambol SyncML server, providing mobile sync to your users which have SyncML-enabled devices. Stand-alone WebMail Pro PHP can also be configured to enable mobile sync via Funambol.

Funambol, being the world's leader in providing unified mobile sync solutions, aims to add SyncML capabilities to a widest variety of mobile handsets. Even if your device does not support SyncML out-of-box, the mobile sync client for it may be freely available from Funambol. This includes contacts/calendars sync for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian as well as contacts sync for iPhone and Android.

With the LDAP authentication mechanism in MailSuite Pro for Linux, you no longer have to register each user in MailSuite Pro admin panel if the user is already available in your LDAP directory, be it OpenLDAP server, Active Directory, or any other LDAP storage. MailSuite Pro will automatically create a mailbox if the username/password specified during the login denotes a valid user on the LDAP server.

Windows/ASP.NET version specific improvements include significantly reduced memory consumption during processing large e-mails (results in less frequent application pool recycles and better performance).

The new version utilizes new license keys so make sure you have obtained your new key by logging in our HelpDesk with the e-mail address you used to purchase the product. You'll need to create a ticket if you never accessed the HelpDesk before (or used another e-mail address for that).

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