WebMail Pro and MailSuite Pro now support sub-admins, auto-check mail and global address book

Tuesday, 18 May 2010
We're excited to let you know that so long awaited auto-check mail and global address book features are now available for your WebMail Pro and MailSuite Pro users.

Automatic mail check can poll the server for new mail every few minutes so that you don't need to click Check Mail manually. You can set the polling interval from 1 minute to Never.

Global address book is configured by the admin and can be both domain-level and system-level. When this feature is off, users see only their own contacts when using e-mail address auto-complete feature on Compose Message screen. With the domain-level address book enabled, this list also includes e-mail addresses of all the users in the domain. With the system-level address book, the list includes e-mail addresses of all the users registered in WebMail Pro MailSuite Pro database.

Also, if you host multiple mail domains with a single MailSuite Pro or WebMail Pro installation, you can create domain-level administrators and delegate them a subset of admin privileges to control users in certain domains. For instance, if you're a hosting provider, you can use this sub-admins feature to let customers manage users in their domains relieving your staff from these routine operations.

The upgrade to the latest version 4.10 is free for all registered users of previous versions of WebMail Pro PHP/ASP.NET and MailSuite Pro Linux/Windows.

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