WebMail Pro v4.6 is out

Friday, 19 June 2009
1. If you are already using WebMail Pro and IMAP, the new version is a "must" upgrade for you.

2. If you're still thinking of trying WebMail Pro and your server is running cPanel, it's the best time to start your trial now.

Why are we so confident about the first point? Because IMAP support in WebMail Pro now includes quotas for automatic mailbox size management, direct search on IMAP server, and new easy-to-use approach to deleting e-mails.

And what's so special in cPanel support? Because it's now really easy for the server admin to add WebMail Pro into the list of applications available for installation by domain admins. And, for the domain admin, it's just a matter of typing URL and license key for the application in order to have it installed for the particular domain.

However, even if you're not using IMAP or cPanel, you can find quite a few nice improvements in the new version, including Replied/Forwarded flags for messages, improved Admin Panel, cool UI language selector, export to iCal in Calendar, and more.

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