WebMail Pro v4.7 is out

Thursday, 20 August 2009
Faster, Higher, Stronger. We believe this Olympic slogan is the best way to get the point of the new WebMail Pro.

IMAP module has been rewritten to achieve much better performance, consume less resources and decrease load on your IMAP server. This results in better response times of the user interface and increased scalability of the entire system.

We also extended Manage IMAP Folders feature with the ability to select which folder on your IMAP server should be used as Sent Items, Drafts or Trash (earlier, these folders were hard-coded). This is especially useful for non-English users which typically have IMAP accounts with international folder names.

As usually, we also made a number of minor improvements and end-user interface fixes (like Request Read Confirmation when you compose a message).

Last but not least is the improved multi-domain capability. If you host multiple domains, you can now configure a single WebMail Pro installation to offer webmail access for users from different domains, where each domain has its own default settings, skin and login URL.

Feel interested? You can read more at:

Would like to get your free upgrade? Follow this link to find the upgrading instructions:

PHP version https://afterlogic.com/support/webmail-pro-php-upgrading-instructions
ASP.NET version https://afterlogic.com/support/webmail-pro-net-upgrading-instructions

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