Afterlogic WebMail Pro ASP.NET

Afterlogic WebMail Pro ASP.NET

Webmail front-end for your existing POP3/IMAP mail server
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One-time Perpetual License

$149 25 users

$249 50 users

$399 100 users

$599 250 users

$749 500 users

Developer license — Contact Sales

The perpetual license for those who are willing to ship the application as part of a larger system. More... Royalty-free distribution. Can be used by any number of developers within the organization.

Number of installations and mailboxes is not limited, provided that the application is incorporated into another system and not used on its own. The resulting product must not directly compete with WebMail Pro ASP.NET product.

Annually Recurring License

$475/year 1,000 users

$775/year 2,500 users

$975/year 5,000 users

$1375/year 10,000 users

$1975/year 25,000 users

$2975/year 50,000 users

$4475/year 100,000 users

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