Release of Aurora Corporate and WebMail Pro 9.6: Dark theme and storing PGP keys in Team contacts in Aurora

Thursday, 18 August 2022

A long-awaited feature just arrived to both WebMail Pro and Aurora Corporate - Dark theme, you can select it just like any other theme in your account settings.

Back in version 9.4 of Aurora Corporate, we've added a feature of sharing encrypted files with teammates. In order to use it, you would need to have OpenPGP key of the other user stored in your personal contacts. From now on, that's no longer necessary. Once the user adds their public key, it automatically gets stored in Team contacts, and everyone in the team can use it to share encrypted files with that user.

Also, now both Aurora Corporate and WebMail Pro support a way to unsubscribe from newsletters (if they have proper headers set) with a single click. If a newsletter message is designed for opting out, you can select "Unsubscribe" option from "..." menu when viewing a message.

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