WebMail Pro PHP documentation

Upgrading instructions

You can download the latest version of AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP at https://afterlogic.com/download/webmail-pro/

Upgrading to version 7 of WebMail Pro is only available for users of WebMail Pro 6.5 or above.
Regardless of your current version number, you're performing the upgrade at your own risk!
Before any upgrade attempts, be sure to backup your installation completely.

1. If you are using WebMail Pro 6.x or older, contact us for upgrading your license key. Be sure to use the same email address you used to purchase the product.
Owners of free licenses (such as 5-users ones) do not qualify for upgrading to v7 of the product, they need to purchase a license.
Note that we offer discounts for personal use.

2. Move your existing WebMail Pro installation to any backup location, including the data folder. Back up WebMail Pro database as well.

3. Extract all the files and folders from the downloaded archive to your WebMail Pro installation location.

4. Restore the content of data/settings folder, it should hold settings.xml and config.php files. If you had any plugins installed, you need to copy them from backup to data/plugins directory.

5. Navigate to WebMail Pro Admin Panel: http://WEBMAIL-PRO-ON-YOUR-SERVER/adminpanel

6. If you've received new license key according to step 1, navigate to Licensing section, replace the license key and click Save.

7. WebMail Pro should get all the settings from the previous WebMail Pro installation, you just need to update WebMail Pro database format by clicking "Update Tables" button in Database Settings screen.

8. For migrating contacts from WebMail Pro below 6.5, run migration/contacts.php script from the browser; for security reasons, this script is disabled by default, you'll need to remove or comment out the exit line there, first.

9. If you upgrade from WebMail Pro version v7.6.5 or older, global address book will be enabled for your domains. If you wish to turn it off, check Configuring global address book documentation page.

10. If you upgrade to v7.7 or newer from v7.6.10 or older, you will need to reset AdminPanel password.

11. Once logged into WebMail Pro itself, don't forget to press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R to update web browser cache to avoid JavaScript errors. Also, it's strongly recommended to remove all the file and subdirectories under data/cache/ directory.