WebMail Pro documentation

Upgrading instructions

Please use the following instructions to upgrade from previous v8 of WebMail Pro to the latest version of WebMail Pro.

If you need to upgrade from v7 of WebMail Pro, please following "Alternative migration approach" described in Migration from v7 documentation page.

  1. Create complete backup of your existing installation and the database. You can use tools like PhpMyAdmin or mysqldump to get a database backup.

  2. Remove all the installation files except for data/ subdirectory.

  3. Download and extract new product package, copy all the subdirectories and files where the previous installation was located; data/ subdirectory must however remain intact.

NB: The package includes .htaccess file with adjustment directives to make CSRF protection work; getting Error 500 may mean you have mod_rewrite disabled. Read more on this at CSRF protection documentation page.

  1. Log in as superadmin, navigate to Database Settings screen, and click "Create/Update tables" and "Update configuration" buttons.

  2. In dev/update_dav.php file, locate the following line and supply a password there:
$sPassword = "";

and run the script with password specified, for instance:


It will update the DAV database tables for the latest version.

Alternately, the script can be run from console, the password isn't required for that:

php /var/www/pro/dev/update_dav.php 

NB: All configuration files of the application and user data are stored in data directory, so it's important to protect data directory to make sure that users cannot access that directory over the Internet directly.