Release of Aurora Corporate and WebMail Pro 9.7.1

Tuesday, 06 June 2023

We have just released Aurora Corporate and WebMail Pro v9.7.1. This release brings a large number of fixes and improvements.

If you manage your events and appointments on different platforms and devices, you will definitely enjoy the new ability to add invitations via a CalDAV client. Accepting invitations from Google Calendar has been improved as well. We've fixed various issues with grouping and exporting contacts. Aurora Corporate users will find calendar sharing thoroughly polished. Feel free to refer to changelog for more information on this release.

We take code and data security very seriously, and in this release, we have upgraded all the JavaScript libraries to eliminate any known vulnerabilities. We have also performed major overhaul of the code to make it compliant with PHPStan level 2 check; PHPStan is a static code analyzer and its use improves code stability.

One other important change is configuration files structure. So when upgrading from a previous version, make sure to run "Update configuration" in Database Settings screen of admin interface.

Upgrading instructions:

Aurora Corporate or WebMail Pro PHP

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