Afterlogic Aurora Corporate 8

Afterlogic Aurora Corporate

Groupware system for businesses and providers, backed with mobile apps

Aurora Corporate v8 is not the latest version of the product. The latest version is Aurora Corporate v9.

Why Aurora?

Your private cloud combining groupware, file storage
and email in a single, unified environment.


Clean and modern interface. Can work with your existing mail server or use its own for the complete solution.

Brandable mobile apps

iOS/Android apps for Email and Files let your users just type their email/password and never deal with mail server settings or blocked IMAP/SMTP ports.

Private and corporate file storage

Your own cloud storage, with DAV sync. As a backend, can use server's local or remote S3-compatible storage.

Corporate address books

Personal, global and shared address books, with CardDAV sync.

Document editing

Integrates with OnlyOffice to support viewing, editing, and versioning documents

Personal and shared calendars

Calendars with meeting invitations, tasks, and CalDAV sync.


Mobile layout for web access, iOS profiles for auto-provisioning contacts and calendars sync via CardDAV and CalDAV.

Encryption and security

AES-256 encryption of files right in the browser, OpenPGP for emails, SSL/TLS. Sharing files with team mates and external users in a normal and encrypted way.

ActiveSync option

Available as a server add-on, enables mail, contacts, and calendars sync with mobile devices and Outlook 2013/2016.

Outlook connector

Available for Outlook 2010/2013/2016, 32/64 bit. Syncs contacts and calendars between Outlook and Aurora via DAV protocol.

  • Popular technology stack

    Aurora is written in PHP, supports MySQL/MariaDB, Apache/NGINX/IIS, Linux/Windows. Mail server edition comes with Exim, Dovecot, NGINX.

  • Corporate-grade support

    We're always here to help you quickly resolve issues and keep things up to date. Guaranteed responses and prompt bug fixes for your peace of mind.

  • Beyond support

    Integration and custom development services by the core team behind the product.

  • API & Plugins

    A set of developer tools lets you extend the application in many ways, including user interface adjustments, Single-Sign-On, and more.

  • International

    More than 30 languages, right-to-left interface support (for Hebrew and Arabic), date and time formats.

  • Modern minimalistic UX

    Yet minimalistic, Aurora Corporate delivers a rich set of features and comes with a number of themes.

Current version: 8.8.6 Last update: 20 January 2022

More features

  • Multiple IMAP accounts per user (with Unified Inbox)
  • Support of OAuth 2.0 over IMAP
  • Can be integrated with LDAP authentication or LDAP address book
  • Mail threads (with IMAP THREAD support)
  • Mail filters (with Sieve support)
  • Identities with signatures
  • Notes (compatible with Apple clients)
  • Microsoft file formats viewer
  • Drag-n-drop of attachments into webmail
  • Can open winmail.dat / MS-TNEF and .zip attachments
  • Attachment preview thumbnails
  • Calendars can be exported as iCal file, published on the web, or synced with CalDAV clients
  • Web admin panel
  • Login with social networks (Google, Facebook)
  • Google Drive and Dropbox support
  • Import and export of contacts via CSV or VCF files
  • Save e-mail as PDF

And dozens even more...

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