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Where can I download MailBee Objects updates and update my current installation?

The latest production version of MailBee Objects is available at:

The latest beta version of MailBee.dll is available at:

The latest beta version of 64-bit MailBee64.dll is available at:

To reinstall MailBee Objects or install a new version, it's required to uninstall the existing version first.

Prior to uninstalling make sure no applications use MailBee Objects. For example, Internet Information Server (IIS) caches recently used components, so you need to stop or restart the server BEFORE uninstalling MailBee Objects (execute "iisreset" command in Start/Run menu).

Also, ActiveX-aware development environments (such as Developer Studio) might lock MailBee Objects if you develop an application or ASP page which uses MailBee Objects. You need to close your development environment before uninstalling.

The easiest way to make sure MailBee Objects DLL is not locked by some other application is to reboot the machine where MailBee Objects is installed. Of course, after rebooting you must launch MailBee uninstaller before using IIS or Developer Studio (otherwise, MailBee Objects might be locked again).

As soon as MailBee Objects is not locked anymore, you can uninstall it and install the new version.